Commercial Law Clinic

From October 2012, NCCL Legal Clinic starts working at Free University of Tbilisi. Clinic plans to provide assistance / legal aid to legal entities as well as natural persons, no matter their nationality or residence, on matters

·         where they are not represented by a legal counsel,

·         concerning commercial law and

·         regulated by the laws of Georgia


NCCL Legal Clinic plans to provide advice on matters which are related to these three pieces of commercial law:

·         Georgian Law on Entrepreneurs

·         Georgian Civil Code

·         Tax Code of Georgia

Assistance / legal aid will be provided by 4th course students of Free University, who will be supervised by lecturers of this university and practitioner lawyers.

Legal clinic is responsible for:

·         Confidentiality of the information and documents represented by client

·         Avoiding possible conflict of interests

 Legal clinic is not responsible for:

·         representing client’s interests in courts

Note:  Decision about  each case represented by client, related to its problematicity and compliance with clinic’s profile, will be made individually, by team of legal clinic and supervisors, based on interviews with these clients and documents represented by them.