Moot Court Competition

Moot court competitions are fairly regarded as one of the most effective educational tools in modern legal education. During competitions, students participate in the preparation and arguing of cases in front of judges. The case and sides are selected beforehand, and students are given a set amount of time to prepare for the eventual trial. Competitions usually involve preparation of written application as a first step and oral pleadings on a final stage. Judges are usually law professors, attorneys from the community, and even members of the judiciary.

During competitions, students usually spend many hours perfecting the legal analytical, research, and writing skills that practicing attorneys must have. With Moot Court on resume, an employer knows that a student has been learning to form and communicate legal arguments for a year or more.

Against this background, the NCCL is organizing Georgian Business Law Moot Court Competition. The competition will be a simulation of Georgian first instance court with all the necessary adjustment to fit it into competition format. The rules have been elaborated based on the best practices of most prominent international moot court competitions. The issues of the case will cover some of the most important and problematic fields of commercial and business law in Georgia. Competition will involve submission of written applications as well as oral argumentation before judges.

Teams from all the law schools of Georgia are eligible to participate subject to registration process.

Moot Court Competition is held annually since 2012.