Supervisory Board

Natia Khantadze, Dean of a Law School, Free University of Tbilisi

Highlights of managerial and legal work experience: Natia has years of experience working as a legal advisor for different Governmental and international organizations. She worked as long-term Legal Adviser of anti-corruption “G-PAC” Project under Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs, Council of Europe. She was actively involved in legal drafting in 2007-2009 and co-authored Laws on Entrepreneurs, Law on Public Health and Law on Condominiums.  In 2009 Natia started to work as a Coordinator of School of Law and led the process of elaboration of LLB program for the Free University. 2011 Natia became Acting Dean of Free University School of Law. In 2011 Natia led the process of creation of NCCL at Free University of Tbilisi within the University. 

Highlights of teaching career: Ms. Khantadze teaches courses in Introduction to Law and Legal Methods at Free University Tbilisi

Brief summary of education: Natia graduated from Georgian Technical University with a LL.B Degree in Economic and Law. She earned a Mag. rer. publ. Degree at German University of Administrative Sciences, Speyer, Germany.


Steven Austermiller, Head of Legal Education at Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project 

Highlights of legal career: Mr. Austermiller has been a Legal advisor and Chief of Party with twelve years experience managing and providing technical assistance to rule of law and commercial programs in Croatia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Georgia and other countries with the American Bar Association and East West Management Institute. 

Steven has over 20 years’ experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution, as a practicing attorney and as manager of development projects. He worked as a Partner Attorney  at the business law firm “Pedersen & Houpt, P.C.” Mr. Austermiller represented corporate and  individual clients in sophisticated international and domestic transactions and disputes

Highlights of Teaching Career: Steven has eight years practicing civil/commercial law in the U.S. and has established legal clinics in four countries and assisted others.

He implemented numerous innovative training programs, including legal competitions, comparative law programs, and interactive teaching initiatives and also provided extensive legal/judicial training in Croatia (Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court, Bar Assoc. and Judges’ Assoc.), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Judicial/Prosecutorial Training Center, Entity Bar Assoc., Supreme Court), and Cambodia (Bar Assoc. and Academy for Judicial Training).

Brief summary of education: Steven received his B.A. Degree in Political Science and then J.D.  Degree in Law at the Northwestern University ,Illinois, USA.


Will Foster, Professor, Washburn University School of Law

Highlights of managerial and legal work experience: Professor Foster is a member of the Bar of the State of Arkansas and the Federal District Courts for the Western and Eastern Districts of Arkansas. Mr. Foster was attorney at Friday, Eldredge & Clark, LLP, in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Highlights of teaching career: Will teaches courses in Taxation of Individual Income, Tax Policy, Taxation of Business Enterprises, and Mergers and Acquisitions at Washburn University in Kansas. 

Brief summary of education: Will graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a B.S. Degree. He received a J.D. from the University of Arkansas, and his LL.M in Taxation from the New York University.